Our web site isn't your usual e-commerce site...you can't just point, click and buy any of our products online.  We value our customers and want to talk to them!  Why?  Because we want to make sure thy get the best customer service directly from us since our products are unique and many cannot be purchased at any other location - online or brick & mortar.


The "G" in G Cue stands for "GREAT" Products ~ "GREAT" Prices ~ "GREAT" Service ~ GUARANTEED!



























The photos you see of the cues on this site are NOT "stock" photos!


The photos are actual pictures of the cues you can purchase.  You will notice that there are several pictures of one cue that may look like the same image...they aren't...they are the other side of the cue, so you can see the beauty of the woods, inlays, stones, veneers, designs and craftsmanship on both sides.


In addition, some cues are numbered and have the cuemaker's signature.


Many of the cues featured were cherry-picked at the manufacturers trade show and are one of a kind.


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