A few things to consider before you buy your "first" pool cue or your "next" pool cue.

The internet is not necessarily the cheapest price compared to a retail store, and absolutely NOT the best value for your money.

G CUE BILLIARDS offers Internet competitive pricing. To increase the VALUE of your purchase further, G CUE offers the following services absolutely FREE that you cannot get from any Internet company when buying a cue.


a:      We show you the right method for selecting your new cue

b:      We teach you why all cues are not created equal

c:       We let you touch, test hit, listen and feel the cue to understand what you are buying during testing along with an education of all the features your new cue has.  Features such as tip style, woods, construction & more.  You don’t buy a cue by looks alone.

d.      We prepare the tip to your preference of nickel or dime radius, and the shaft to “Optimum” playing condition and teach you how to keep it that way.

Did you know that EVERY piece of wood in EVERY cue ever made is as unique as your fingerprints? No two pieces of wood on the planet are exactly the same because Mother Nature creates different grain patterns in every piece of wood she creates.


The way a cue, sounds, feels, plays & performs is the result of energy transfer through the wood, so no two cues can feel the same. If you test hit five cues, same make and model, they would all feel slightly different, which is why, when buying from the Internet, you have no idea what you will get when it arrives including what it looks like. Woods take stains differently and the piece of wood you see on the Internet is NOT the cue you are going to get because grain patterns vary. G Cue isn’t “point & click” and hope-for-the-best; it is “one-on-one” personal service.


You should always test hit ANY cue you buy so you know where your investment is going and what you are specifically getting for your money, which is where value is determined. Some cues have features you may not care about, so maybe the additional money for that feature isn’t important to you. If not, don’t spend the money. Select something that works better for your skill level, style of play and budget.


All our Pool Cues are adjustable by weight and we offer FREE weight bolt adjustment for life when you buy from us, as many times as you need, until you dial in your stroke-to-cue-weight ratio which we will teach you.


G CUE has over 300 different pool cues in stock that start at $39 for one-piece cues and go up to $4,000 and everything in between so we have something for every pool player of every skill set from beginners to advanced. A huge variety of Cases, Tools & Supplies and FREE instruction on how to use them are also offered.


G CUE staff provides a FREE hands-on lesson on basic fundamentals with a purchase of a 2-piece pool cue.


Please come in and check us out and give us the opportunity to prove ourselves. Find out what the G CUE experience is all about. It’s like no other Billiard Store you have ever seen. We offer expert, honest advice and believe in maintaining the highest level of integrity & customer service, the way it is supposed to be. This is why our customers send us so many referrals that come in and say; “My friend said, ‘Just go to G Cue’.”


G Cue Billiards gets 5-star reviews!Visit our website at www.gcuebilliards.com - G Cue Testimonials and see what our customers are saying. We are very serious about helping you choose the best cue, case & supplies so you walk out satisfied and confident with your purchases.


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